Hedgecutters & Toppers

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McConnel .
(Item No. 2996)

McConnel 1.2 Metre Flail Head. 65 HP Motor

Year: 2020
McConnel PA6577T
(Item No. 2964)

McConnel PA6577T Hedge cutter. Revolution Controls. 6.5M Telescopic Reach. 77 HP Head. Immaculate condition.

Year: 2021
McConnel PA6565T
(Item No. 2963)

McConnel PA6565T Hedgecutter. 4FT Head complete with HYD Roller. XTC Controls. F14 Flails Very Good condition.

Year: 2014
McConnel PA 93
(Item No. 2863)

McConnel PA 93 Hedge cutter. Lift HD Head. Cable controls. Very Good condition

McConnel PA65T
(Item No. 2807)

McConnel PA65T, Switch Box & Electric controls

Year: 2010